Almost complete…

It’s the last week of the year. My ‘a52inpolaroid’ is almost complete.

My project started this year with following the themes of Mortal Muses. After MM stopped with the themes, and even ended their blog, I almost unnoticed started photographing my life in the country. Since I love living in the country this change of theme hasn’t felt like a punishment to me.

img 48 Life in the country 7 klein   img 49 Life in the country 8 klein   img 50 Life in the country 9 klein   img 51 Life in the country 10 klein

It’s the time of year to reflect on the past year. All I can say is that this year was another lovely Polaroid year. Especially the last three months were wonderful. Like I mentioned, living in the country suits me very well. It’s all what I dreamt of but wasn’t sure of would go well with me being a city girl.

Can’t wait what next year will bring. Hopefully a new, more definite, home in the country, a new Polaroid project (will it be a continuing ‘Life in the country’ or ‘a 52 of instant coffee’), and ….

Just one last photo to go. I already know what that will be….